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Scag and Toro Deck Heights

Hello, just a quick question I've always been curious about. I currently own a 2014 scag tiger cat 52" and I love it. I recently switched over to stihl from echo. The shop I bought the scag at is very friendly and knows me very well which makes me want to stick with scag from him but he sells echo. The shop I go to for stihl is a very well known, popular store in my area. They sell stihl, but mower wise they deal with Toro and wright. Whenever the time comes to buying another new mower I may take a look at the Toro just so I can buy all my things from one shop. It's nog that big of a deal getting stuff for my scag at the shop so I may end up sticking with them but if I were to go with Toro would I need to change the height number on the deck for the lawns. So is a 4 on the scag a 4 on the toro that's all I'm questioning. I appreciate any help
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