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Charles I won't answer your question, but I will repeat some of the problems the kids face when they go off to play college sports.
The worst thing I hear is that curriculum is created around these athletes. Degrees that have no practical use that require minimal classroom attendance for example. Go ahead and skip class kid, it's OK.
Or the fact that if these kids get hurt on the field most don't have any healthcare. If the team doctor tells them to play-they play. If the team doctor doesn't want them off the field the player has no way of seeing a doctor at the team's expense. Get hurt in a game and it's tough luck kid. If the kid says a week later it still hurts and requests an MRI only at the order of the team doctor does the team pay for it. Doc says you're fine kid- get in there.
How about the fact that the top paying public job in most states is the college football coach or that it's a multi billion dollar business. Sorry you don't have anything to eat kid, your here to learn and playing sports is a privilege.
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