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Originally Posted by RedSox4Life View Post
Ok well since it's for fun......assuming your salary is AT LEAST 5m (based on the fact that your alimony was 2.4m) I'd guess your company has got to be grossing over 100m pretty easily.

I find it very odd that the owner of a 100m company does field work, yeah. I would think your time would be better spent managing it rather than running a trimmer.
75 trucks, most of which just cut grass , I have to laugh at your assumptions of big millions
I have posted it here and other sites we work on 1/3 rule
We base our rates to cover that
1/3 is profit/ business
1/3 is labor
1/3 is business expenses

So simple math
If she got 2.4 million that would mean?? 7.2 million
now ..... If it was a 50/50 split that would mean 14.3 million gross...... Nowhere near 100 million

Now if I said it was another $100,000 per man or 200'000.00 a crew it get smaller sounding.
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