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Originally Posted by RedSox4Life View Post
Ok well since it's for fun......assuming your salary is AT LEAST 5m (based on the fact that your alimony was 2.4m) I'd guess your company has got to be grossing over 100m pretty easily.

I find it very odd that the owner of a 100m company does field work, yeah. I would think your time would be better spent managing it rather than running a trimmer.
It would be better off ring managed and as we were setup
It was not posible to manage it as one person.
Each location managed their own accounts and we managed the new accounts comming in.

Do you not consider it managing when a crew comes in and does 100 percent of the items listed for a new account before the maintenance crew comes in ?
I mean it insures the maintenance crew " this is exactly what it is to look like" or they keep working.

Each location has a designated clean up crew for this work.

I simply like to jump from crew to crew and work with the guys on the crews. When they are mowing if it's the right areas I will be talking to new clients, placing flyers ect through out the day as well.

I pay people to market for me do my efforts are small .
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