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Toro makes the best machine on the market. I'm sorry but I looked at scag awfully hard and pretty much went out of my way to buy one. First problem is that the base TT is a hair under 10k for the briggs. For other engine options the price jumps thousands for a smaller engine with a radiator or simply another brand. Second is Toro has a much better warranty, an imporant aspect for me.

I'm sure scag has a great machine bUT Toro has them beat. The scan comes with a smaller fuel tank, Toro has a better seat, Toro has efi Kohler engines (34hp on the 6000) Toro has unitized hydrostatic the list goes on and on.

If I couldn't buy a Toro or ex mark I would go scag most likely but IMHO scag needs to step up the game a little bit.

I also feel the Toro deck is better
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