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Originally Posted by newlymowedlawns View Post
Today I sprayed a little over 8 acres using my permagreen and have that much to do Monday. Broadleaf only. One customer asked me why I was using their water. Kind of caught me off guard. I didnt think 8-10 gallons of water was such a big deal. I need to do some kind of transfer tank set up to speed up the process.A 30-50 gallon transfer tank of some sort. Does broadleaf weed killer need to be agitated if left set over night. I would like to mix it the night before. I mix 5 oz per gallon and get a pretty consistent 47-48 k sq ft on 12 gallons. It would be nice to have a fast pump to fill up the permagreen tank. Does anyone make one that you know of. Thanks for the help.
You mean that a customer didn't want you to use their water to fill your tank? I was told on this board that something like that would never be a problem!
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