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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Yeah, I ran it this morning and was sore tempted to take it out but decided to wait because that would seriously devalue it, not to mention I'd be taking the guard off... But for $100, even $150... It's worth keeping to me, for that money, was thinking about it throughout the day and it did occur to me...
Why did I not google "msrp srm2100"...
So that's what I did after I got home.

Look what I found:

Sure do appreciate your input.
Hmm I dont recall them being over $200 in 2001… I might have been thinking of dealer pricing from 2004… I had a dealership and echo was the 2 cycle line I carried. so I might have had that stuck in my head as 'my' price ($150)…I never really moved a lot of hand helds… frikken everyone and their mother including the hardware stores carried 2cycle equipment.
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