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You bid the whole season. Combined for everything they want done. All mine are the same. Spring cleanup, mid season trim, fall cleanup and weekly mowing. its 1 price, paid in 6 payments. Contract starts April 15 - oct 15. I didn't pick that the contract states it. I get paid once a month on the 15th. If your bidding the plowing as well id still have a sep price for the landscaping & plowing. but if both accepted they get combined and paid once a month all year long. its really easy to bid. Harder to get the opportunity to bid if you ask me. The key to that is finding property managers in your area and getting acquainted with them. before you know it the work will come to you. You don't have to write up much, they usually have lengthy contracts for you to sign if your bid is accepted. I do mostly all commercial HOA's. Good $$ and less hassle then a ton of johnny homeowners to deal with. Smaller commercials like food chains or things of that nature are usually much cheaper, don't really care about a business relationship, and always go with cheapest bid. I don't bother with those.
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