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I'd like to find an easy way about this myself but it's called work for a reason. I cold call and offer to price lawn services. It doesn't matter how you prepare your bid. Crayon on poster-board by my 3 year old would work just fine. They look at the price and then they call you and will ask to meet or ask you to price a certain way or whatever. I usually can ask this upfront. It depends on who you get on the phone and what they do at the business when you cold call. You want to ask how to price it so it is easy for them to compare to their current contract. That is how you extract as much as you can about the current contract over the phone. "Let me make my bid in the same manner as the current contract so you don't have to work to compare the two Sir/Maam"

My rate of calls to allowed to bid is about 1 in 5. Of those that I bid last year I got 1 new account from 30 bids placed. The year before I remember I did 41 bids and I got 2. It's a lot of work.

I do not work from a script when I call. Be yourself, identify yourself as a new commercial business. Some people REALLY like that. Go find them!
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