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Is there a suspension insert made that will fit under the standard 930m seat?
I spent over an hour today at my john deere dealer jumping from one 930m to the other had full suspension seat the other just the mid grade seat with NO suspension.I just never could get comfortable on the Full suspension seat.The back of the suspension seat is hard as a rock I played with the lumbar adjustment for 20 minutes and I just never could get comfortable with the full suspension seat.The mid grade seat is much softer and is a little taller in the back.Im going to get that seat and just add my own suspension insert under it if they even make one.I`ll say this! Ive demoed eXmark lazer z,gravely proturn 452,Ferris is2100 and is3100 and even the new Kubota z700 without suspension and IMO the john deere full suspension is the most uncomfortable by a mile.I love the z900`s and that's what im getting next weekend but come on JD you could of done much better with that horrible suspension seat.Foam is just way to hard IMO + the armrest only moves up or down about 1 inch, where the standard has about 3 inches of adjustment up or down.
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