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Welcome to lawnsite.

Trailer floors, I have mesh but the next one will be wood. Mesh is nice because grass and dirt fall through and don't build up on the floor but I doesn't hold up and the welds at the edge break up. I hae one spot where the mower wheel always sat that is broke through. Like I said the next one will be wood.

Mowers, you might want to wait a bit until you see what type and size of lawns you will be mowing. Keep your eys open for some deals and try to demo a few. I just upgraded to a 48" hustler super walkbehind. this machine is well worth the money. the controls are very natural. You can pick out your trimmer already and ad an EDGIT to it ( It will help yor trimming and edging. do a search to find out more on that. I just use handheld blowers. they are lighter and I don't need the power of a big backpack to just blow gras off of drives and walks. I have one that gets switched to a vac for spring and fall cleanups.

Good luck and keep asking ???
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