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4ohms is high. usually most clutches test between, 1.8-3.2ohms

The improved PTO clutch securing system used on 2005 Mid-Size models
can be used on the above prior year models. The new system consists of a
drive pulley with a larger hub diameter, a larger diameter flat washer and 2
spring washers.

CORRECTION: When replacing a PTO clutch, also order and install the new parts listed
below. Torque the crankshaft bolt to 55 - 60 ft. lbs.

If you end up replacing the clutch there was a bulletin that says to use these following new parts for added durability:

PARTS: 1 p/n 105-2635 Clutch
2 p/n 1-603610 Spring Washer
1 p/n 107-4136 Washer
1 p/n 107-4112 Drive Pulley
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