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Which Bypass shears and pruning saw

I use bypass shears a lot, and finally decided to upgrade from my old Corona BP3160's. I looked at Felco, ARS, & Bahco. My main problem with the Corona was their ergonomics, or lack there of. My wrists would be killing me at the end of a day of pruning. Anyways, I ended up going with the Bahco PX-M2, and am very pleased. They have very good ergonimcs, comfortable handles, and cut quite well. While I was at it , I figured I'd go ahead and replace my pruning saw, which was about toast. I ended going with a Silky 330mm Zubat. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it ought come in handy very soon.
Anyways, I was wondering what other's preferences are, and why. These are two very important tools, that I'd really never given much thought to, but after switching to the Bahco shears, I wish I had.
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