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I am new so take this with a grain of salt

This is my first year. Not one for great advice, only personal experience. I was so excited to buy a trailor from a friend that never used it anymore. The wood was rotten and we replaced it with new pressure treated lumber. I wire brushed it and painted it also and it looks great. I've used it without any problems. But:

It is a single axle 12 x 6 ft. trailor. It feels every bump, railroad track, speed bump and so forth. My equipment bounces around something awful. I don't plan on being new next spring and I want something better already. Since this is my first year, I am happy with what I have. I spent $500 on the trailor, plus another $120 on lumber and paint, gorilla locks, and new light kits. I am going to sell it for at least cost and get another next spring. I am not snobby nor do I need something out of my league, but I have used dual axle trailors with brakes and it makes all the difference in the world. My current trailor now for sale is not a bad deal compared to many "new" trailors more expensive at half the size, but I plan on growing into my next purchase as I hope you do as well. If you have not yet purchased a trailor, look into those factors and choose wisely. Any trailor is better than none at all, of course, but large single axle trailors can be frustrating. If you can afford it, dual axle w/ brakes will bring more benefits vs. cost in the long run. Anybody want to buy a trailor?
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