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Originally Posted by STIHL GUY View Post
It takes a while to build a business. You can't just buy a truck and mower and expect to have your phone ringing off the hook. Just do a good job and keep your customers happy. Word of mouth is a great way to advertise. You could also go door to door advertising to build up a few accounts
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Pretty much right on. Took me a few years. Some years are slower than others too.

A few new start ups around here are very slow as well. One company quit from last year. Another one started this year. Spent at least 15k on advertising if not more. Saw one of the partners at home at 430 yesterday when I pulled up to a customers home. They mow for 20. I mow for a lot more. I worked til dark the last 2 days. But I've been doing this since 07
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