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birdseed, don't feel bad, I was in the same position as you. I haven't even gotten to the landscaping yet. I'm still with a work in progress on the lawn, after the lawn is situated and growing how I want it to grow, then I'm going to do some major landscaping renovations. I'm currently drawing up an led night lighting setup for the cedar fence we put up when we first moved in. Still have a long ways to go though. Just finished up with some nice flower beds up front with around 25 flowers, (under my old ladies maintenance). But once I get my lawn on golf coarse par, I'll start dropping some money into some landscaping. We did come a long ways though since we bought the property. Once was nothing but compacted soil where nothing would grow but weeds.

When we moved in after fence installation:

[B]One Year Later:

Year and a half later: After some composting / leveling, down to less than 1"

And a lot more work to go on the grass before I can even think about landscaping!
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