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Originally Posted by XC skier View Post
Can some one explain what a picture of text is, and how this is different than text? If I am using a site builder then how am I to do it the correct way?
A picture of text is an image that has text in it.

Humans can read it, so I mentioned in my post, the bots do not see any headings. Well actually they do, to bots, most pages on your site have the same two headings "Description" and "Pricing"

Also then there is the issue of your mobile site, becasue that layout removed you header images, none of the headers you have in those images are shown. The first heading on most pages is "Description", and even worse, you don't really see page titles so well on many mobile devices, so I have to figure out what page I'm on from the content.

There are other technical issues, but I think we've demonstrated why you should have them switched over to real headings.
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