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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
The lawns are just now starting to get good and green around here... we are about 2 weeks behind normal. It's been a brutal winter. Does anyone you work with have any family or friends that need services?
My first year was scary in the spring. An ad on Craigslist went 3 weeks before the phone rang - then it rang non-stop.
Many people don't "plan ahead" - they look outside and see the grass needs cut before looking for someone. I don't mean "needs cut" as in a regular "needs cut" height either - I mean a "needs cut before I get fined" type of height.

Originally Posted by HPSInc View Post
only a few of my repeat landscape residential customers have called me this year. which is not typical. In the past, by now, they have all called me crying for cleanups and mulch etc. its definitely the weather here.

My first year was slow, real slow. It takes time.

all word of mouth advertising here.
I've not heard from a few of my regulars either - even though I contacted them weeks ago. Some lawns are not growing AT ALL yet and some have needed cut for weeks.
I'm getting all kinds of calls now from non-clients for cleanups. I don't have time for that crap NOW because that should have been done weeks ago and now I'm starting my mowing schedule and don't have room for cleanups.
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