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Originally Posted by jonnyz37 View Post
Some of you guys are talking about picking up a bunch of new customers already this year. One even said with Zero advertising dollars my question Im brand new, with only 7 regular customers. And i spent several hundred dollars to get them. So far im making more from mulch jobs from bandit signs than i am regular grass customers. So guys......what is the key to getting customers? Ive tried door hangers.....craigslist......bandit open to any ideas. And i have a website, but i havent done anything to get it brought up by web searches. Maybe i need to focus there?
thanks guys
Mine is all word of mouth and I called a few other companies that don't do any mowing but offer other services and have customers that need help. I'm going to try seeing if any realtor's have homes that need kept up but I'm just calling around and talking to people as much as I can.
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