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Originally Posted by WisecarverLawnCare View Post
Yes it does, forgot to mention that one as well. I want the account holder happy, but I also want too do a good job throughout the season. I don't want to deal with losing an account at the end of the year and future accounts because the client wasn't happy with the lawn at the end of the year because of ruts and damaged lawns. Then they tell so and so, and on and on until the company name is tarnished over something I said in the first place… some people, I swear.
Yeah your exactly right!, so I'd ask them and be a little "oh though I'd mention this" you know come across something like that. And if there stuck on what they have kept shortly explain what it can do to the grass. But I guess what it boils down to is , the customer is right even when he's wrong so if they do want to keep it just tell them these are the results that would happen the the turf, so if they did not like those ruts etc that come you could politely tell them that's what I was telling you. Then maybe they will let you switch it up , or like I said above^^ then your reputation should not be faded through that customer or others hopefully
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