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I have a Jameson pole. Foam filled fiberglass. Top of the line, with their center cut pruner, a saw head, and a cable hook end. I really don't think there is anything better out there.

But, the fiberglass poles are heavier than the wood equivalent. The 6' lengths of fiberglass pole are just a tad heavier than the same length of wood in a Seymour Smith pole pruner of mine, and you can really feel it when you put three poles together.

Still, I reach for the fiberglass more, because it is a little stiffer, and that makes a big difference when sawing (not on the pull stroke, where bite on the cut comes from the curve of the blade, but on the push stroke where springiness in the pole causes your saw to bounce out of the kerf).

I have a few blades. Silky is known for their blades. As is Hyabusa (if I spelled that right). Stihl blades look about the same. Right now I switch between two different Fiskars blades. One looks like the Stihl blade (if you know saw blade design, it is a "fleam blade" of the same style as the previous three sources). The other is a "woodzig" type blade that sharpens with a round file like a chainsaw. The former is a little more aggressive, and can get stuck more easily in some situations when I switch to the latter. In any case, I spray my blades with silicone to prevent sticking, and it keeps sap from gumming them up.

The trees you described may be easier to lop than saw. Just a note, if you're lopping with a pole and rope, wrap the rope about 1 turn around the pole every 10 feet. If you don't, the pole will bow in the direction the rope pulls.

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