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my thought on trailers and equipment right now is that i'll get what i can afford now, even if it is small and if i need to i'll upgrade later. i figure if i feel the need to upgrade, then i'll be able to afford to. my situation is that i'm a full-time firefighter/paramedic and i only work nine days a month which leaves me with at least 20 full days a month to have a part-time job. i'm really not out there to make a whole lot of money because fightin' fires pretty much pays the bills, but with all that extra time, i figured i'd use it to start my own business on the side and i've always wanted to do this. no one answered my question about the best time to buy equipment. i talked to someone today and he said that the early springtime is when a lot of dealers have sales. i also thought about putting a piece of oxboard or treated plywood over the mesh trailer bed (if i get one). any replies?
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