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I HAD a B3030. HAD is the key word. SHITBOX doesn't even describe it. Problem after problem. Had very little power, it mowed ok, but the hydraulics were very weak. It was a 2006 with 1600 hours. Felt it was going to run itself apart every time I used it. I sold that 3030 and picked up a 2000 NH TC33. LOVE this new (older) tractor. Has 2000+ hours. Solid, powerful, smooth....just wonderful. Night and day difference between the NH and Kubota. The NH has tons more power, especially in the loader. The 3030 wouldn't even pluck a small shrub out of the ground. This past weekend I took down a 20'+ pine tree without getting off the NH. Just knocked it right over with the loader. the 3030 would never have done that. That's my experience with these two brands. Not trying to start a brand war, but the NH wins hands down.

I had a smaller Kioti when I first started out. That was a solid capable little machine as well. But at 19 hp at the pto, it lacked the power I was wanting, but it did pull a 5' bush hog through thick stuff often without bogging down too much. That Kioti actually handled hogging better than the 3030 did. I wouldn't hesitate to look at another Kioti, but I'll never again even consider anything Kubota.
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