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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
Sounds like you already understand the problem and what to do about it.

If they don't want to compromise, it may be in your best interest to move on.
The customer is NOT always right and in the end, do you want to lose one customer, or potentially several.

This is the same as the "cut it shorter next time" idiots. "Oh, sure. I'll scalp your lawn and make it look like crap and then you drop me and nobody else will hire me because your lawn looks like crap."
Buh - bye.
Yes seems like he's got it just needs to do it and my quote "customer is always right even when he's wrong" you're correct, there mostly always wrong I'm not saying to damage their property by doing what they said to do, defiantly more of a light seance of taking the customers option, but for best service explain to them the health way/proper way to do things
Why I put the quote (as and example) I have a great customer I've done for quite a few years great guy loves to have everything looking great and has great grass etc. says one time to me cut a 3" (fescue) (which on such nice fescue and other fescue lawns I actually cut around 4") but his grass was about 12" (he let it grow a lot before he wanted to do first cut) (he likes to call for the first time) but he said he knows that I should be using the rule of thirds. So something did not add up so I cut at 7" then down to about 3.5 well I guess that was a long uneasily post but anyways
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