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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
A little clarification here. It's a 4 day mowing week not a 5. We have about 25 bi weekly's so 155 is closer the final number we do each week.

We both have been at this together the last 11 years and I have 15 years experience before that. So getting burnt out isn't even a concern we can take it, in fact we joke with each other every day about how much nicer it is with out the bs that went with having employees. I still get crap from unemployment and one I let got 2 years ago had the feds on me last month because they now wanted to garnish his wages.

We aren't using what a lot of guys here use for equipment either. We each drive a crew cab ram 4500 dump so we can take 5 yards of grass clippings each if needed. Extremely comfortable truck and the beast can turn around is just over 49 feet iv had pick ups that couldn't do that. Love the back seat for the storage like coolers and hedge trimmers. We run new lazer x series mowers his is a 60 mines a 72 so we have no issues with getting tired from the mower the suspension seats are sweet. The smaller mowers we bring are for gated back yards and things like that and see little use. I am not a fan of the weedwacking I managed to go all last year almost with out picking one up. But at-least its now getting done right I'll never understand how who ever I had trimming could literately walk by a crack weed 4 times and still not see it.

No whiffy I'm not mowing 80 hours a week I don't even mow much more than 45 hours a week. I then have 1-3 days to work on other jobs depending on my mood. so assume 2 more 10 hour days and on a bad week it can be 65 hours plus a few in the office. But as the spring back log clears that will drop in the 55 hour a week range and I'm fine with that. Whats nice is I'm not chasing down estimates Iv very little room to add any and almost no desire too do so. So one more stress item gone and I now have much more personal relationships with my clients and my clients tend to love me so attrition is going to be very light.

I find it funny I often see threads about what is possible for a solo guy and the big question can they break 100k a year. I decided it would be nice for a change if it wasn't theory but a proven fact and this Dec provided I don't have any drought or something equally disruptive I intend lay that question to rest.
I can see cutting 155 or 170 in a week with a 60'' and a 72'' if they are under a 1 acre lawns
There is times I run only 2 guys back in the 80s 90s I cut up to 200 lawns a week maybe 100 acres total
But them days are over now Im lucky to get my 77 lawns cut in a week but now I cut total 200 acres + running 3 mowers for 4 days and 5 mowers for 2 days
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