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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
I can see cutting 155 or 170 in a week with a 60'' and a 72'' if they are under a 1 acre lawns
There is times I run only 2 guys back in the 80s 90s I cut up to 200 lawns a week maybe 100 acres total
But them days are over now Im lucky to get my 77 lawns cut in a week but now I cut total 200 acres + running 3 mowers for 4 days and 5 mowers for 2 days
Only 20 are an acre in size and most of them are 25-30000 sqft of grass. I have one big boy left thats a 4 acres but there's a little more than 2 acres of grass It takes me about 90 mins solo with trimming and blow off.
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