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Originally Posted by hmlawn View Post
This is my new account (I used to be Willslandscape). i'm now hmlawn.

Anyways, I bought my brother's used echo PE-265 for $220 and it's beats the you- know-what out of my craftsman. It started 3 pulls after sitting unused for about 2 years and runs really good.

Went to ace hardware and got a new blade for it that has a really thick width, I heard that they last forever, and they do. I edged about 600 feet of edges yesterday and it barely wore the paint off of the blade. I highly recommend them compared to the thin ones that waste away to nothing really fast.

I don't know where you got the idea they last forever. I wouldn't be worried about the paint worried off, how you tell when they start getting worn is measure them when their new length ways, then measure it after several lawns. It will be much shorter. They get shorter when they wear. I change them once a day. I can get a whole day out of them, by the end of the day I'm having to push that blade deeper down to get the edge I like. I order them by the 100's from here for about .80-.90 cents a piece.

For that echo edger, it looks just like mine. I have the PE-266 and it's a great machine, reliable, and the power is pretty decent on it. However, after a year of use, I'm willing to bet you have to adjust the carb. There's a plug on the back of the carb. which is an easy adjust.
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