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I think there are good partnerships that arent partnerships... I work for a guy, and for my self. This guy hired me last year to just run his extra mower to.cut his half... what a first impression I madee.. slept in and he was waiting 2 hours for me... I thought great this is my.first and last day.. but he gave me a second chance. And now today we are partners buy of our own businesses. We still work for eachother when needed.. but what happened was he was trying get out of the game and I slowly started to take over a few of his clients plus I picked up my own. So now we each have 20-30 clients. And if we cant get them all done we call one another and some one gets its done... its a partnership between 2 companies.. we considered partnering with his business but he still wants to.slowly get out of it and this way was cheaper. So yes I do thinknthere are good partnerships!
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