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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
So let me understand.....

what you are saying is if you can't make it with a partner and not on your own then its obvious that hardscaping is "not for you".

I would say that is correct.

In my case, I did start up as a partnership in 87' and 88', he bailed and I continued on. And its working just fine.
Some people are not meant to be in business. And the way the work is they prey on others, to partner with them. "Hey I need a truck and trailer, but can't do it on my own,
so I gotta ask Bob if he wants to join me in business so I can get this truck". bob can handle the maintenance since he has his applicators license, and I'll do all the Hardscape side of things". Partnerships seldom ever ever work. Two different visions.
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