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Originally Posted by Pet Domestic View Post
Thanks for the consult on my site SEO pros! That prob saved me $150 right there! I kid, I kid..
I, for one, enjoy the irony between what you tell people they shouldn't pay for and what you actually charge people for. After looking at two of your top results, I'd actually say a legit SEO and you perform similar services. If your Google results are the poop-filled yard, it's like this...

Pet Domestic‎
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Local | Pet Domestic‎
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But, if you hire a competent person, your Google results "yard" could look like this.
Pooper Scooper - DoodyCalls | Northern VA | Pet Waste ...‎
DoodyCalls provides pet waste removal and disposal service in DC, Arlington, McLean, Centreville, and throughout northern Virginia. ... DC, Arlington, and McLean, as well as the other communities of both Fairfax and Loudoun County.
Sometimes you gotta hire a pro, especially if you're not capable of effectively going the DIY route. If you read through the archives, you'll find a lot of helpful info.
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