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Are they inviting you as an outside expert or are they asking you what your organic program can do?

If this is possible (or continued) business, I think itís very important to set a clear, reasonable expectation for how your service will perform and be sure to spell out what youíre going to do.

If they should expect more weeds because there is no effective organic PRE herbicide, be sure to tell them that. If you apply PRE herbicides, be sure to tell them that itís not a true organic program, just a modification of one.

I would think that the last thing you want is to leave an opportunity for them to misunderstand what youíre doing. If you donít spell out for them that they should expect more weeds, theyíll be upset when they get them. If you run one of these organic fert programs, but still use herbicides, be sure to tell them that, or theyíll be upset when they see on the invoice that youíve been using herbicides.
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