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Originally Posted by Captain Mike View Post
A lot of lawns #1 problem is #2. People are lazy and he provides a legitmate service. Instead of knocking the guy , perhaps a few of you could add this to your lawn service as well? I charge for it
I have one client that I have added on for this. Was a $75 lawn now it makes it an $85 lawn.

Just did an estimate today for full service lawn maintenance and they moved here from out of state. They paid $10 a week and the service provider had 700 clients.

These threads pop up from time to time and I don't understand the resistance to adding it on as a service...?...?

Much rather pick up a few piles as an add-on service for $10 for a good client than be snooty about it and impose a cleanup fee.

Much rather hunt for poop outdoors in any weather vs being stuck indoors being a janitor.
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