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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
I hope this is going under stone mulch, otherwise you are wasting your time and the customer's money.

Landscape fabric and mulch is one of the biggest scams foisted upon the landscape industry and the general public.
Tell more why you think its a scam

I tell you Mulch is the biggest scam You have replace it every year That's waste of money Put rock down

I had a Customer that I redone his beds I installed rock. He told me he paid $300 each year for 10 yrs for mulch
His Lawn was installed same time by a different company I did the lawn next door 10 yrs ago and Beds was rock and even today they still look the same as it did from day one shrubs are bigger
If you buy the best fabric and buy right size roll and install it right will last
and if owner knows not to blow grass clippings in the beds
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