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Hmmm, I think my HRR must have sucked up a piece of dirt that's now stuck in the jet...
Because it sputters and pops and basically farts around, if I hold my hand over the intake (which acts like a choke) it smooths out so that leads me to believe it's a fuel problem... While it does run I'm glad I swung past the house to pick up the Murray Ultra 21" that I keep for back up... Also fortunately I was able to finish the first yard with the HRR, took a bit longer but it's done and I didn't have to run to the house and then back to the same yard.

The Murray's not my favorite but still better than a half-running machine, and I am sure it was a definite advantage as I had three more yards that I needed a 21" for and every one had thick, tall grass (I'm talking double-back triple cut thick)...

So the plan is to pull off the HRR's carburetor and see if I can clean it...
That or replace it (and the gasket).

Then I'm also installing a fuel filter inline to the carburetor, I couldn't believe this when I realized the HRR has no fuel filter.
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