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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Landscape fabric in conjunction with mulch does not perform as advertised.

If you don't understand why mulch--of the wood variety--is the best option in non-desert areas, you may want to do some research. There are many. And landscapers should know them.
You must never did and Government Installs last one I did was in there specs to lay Pro 5 under there mulch
7 years later still working very few weeds to pull I be luck fill a 5 gal bucket in years time with weeds I service it every week I run OCDC blockers
I make sure no clipping get blown in the beds we make 3 pass before we turn around
By the Government specs those beds get cleaned out every 3 years and install new mulch

Like I said before its how it treated makes the difference
I see guys all time blow crap in mulch beds and tree rings
Mulch doesn't decay very fast.
I installed trees and spec says red mulch So I did this 8 years ago
Well 8 years later I won the bid and I removed all the mulch from trees
Bottom layer was red mulch it was still there. The rest of the layers was natural oak and layer of black mulch and layer of brown
I removed it all cause the guy never did kept adding and adding and mulch was 6-8'' high on the trees and foot deep at the edge and I was thinking everybody knows you cant do that. But some guys don't care they get paid how many yards they install.
There is a point you have to remove the crap
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