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I know this is an older post but ill put my two cents in anyway. I sell firewood in the winter to suppliment my income. I've ran into several customers that are picky bout wood and been cussed out for measurements so I researched the cord I sell to stacks of 4ft tall 8 ft long and I explain that to thwm when they buy so they dont think im cheating them with mt prices. A tru cord accoesing to the ag dept. Is 4x4x8. Unfortunatley every body and there brother sells fire wood in my area so im lucky to 140 a cord plus delivery.

We stack all the wood and cover it and let it set for 3 to 6 months before we sell. We ran into issues with moisture content and got gripped out for it so I invested in a $20 moisture content tool to make sure the wood has 15% or less water before delivery. One customer waited last minute and wanted wood delivered next day. (Hes the one that caused me to get the moisutee checker) when ee delivered, it was raining he pulled his guage and due to the rain the woods moisture content was high and told me to take it back very annoying but anyway live and learn.

If u really want to get into mass production of firewood check out a large fire wood proccessor. All u do is cut tree,delimb, hook a cable on, the proccessor will pull the tree in cut to ur specific length and spilt up to 8 pieces per section and up a conveuer belt into ur pickup or trailer. The one I looked at was 6 cords an hour. It takes me with a saw and splitter about two to three hours per cord huge saving.
If only it wasnt like 20000 lol
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