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Originally Posted by zabmasonry View Post
while I hear the points about more gears in a 1-ton. I don't really see the need other then just seeing it on paper. The difference between a heavy haul peterbilt and a f550 is that the pete has a power to ratio of 170lb/hp vs the 550 which at gcvw is at 115. The difference is even greater if you're talking about a truck with a pickup bed. In addition the diesels in pickups have a significantly larger power band. My sense is that 6 gears are more then enough for a 1 ton, especially in an automatic transmission.

I'd also point out that a lot of heavy trucks are going to 6spd transmissions. For example the cat on road trucks have a 6sp auto.
My C12 has a wider power band than say... A series 60 detroit. It's a dozer engine. It has to. That's why Cat can het away with fewer gears. It works off highway. Not on
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