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I assume from your original post that this means a 3 man crew in an 8 hour day is grossing about $525? And you calculate your costs to be about $465 for an 8 hour day? Def. sounds a little tight although I'm impressed if you can keep your costs that low for a 3 man crew and equipment to outfit them. I would think a 3 man crew should be able to generate closer to $1000/8 hr day (or $41.50 pmh) , with costs closer to $700. Giving you a profit of a little over $8 pmh worked. What was your goal pmh? If my math is correct at least you aren't losing money. I'd estimate my 2 man crew is grossing around $500 in a 9 hour day so about $26-$28 pmh. My goal is to be more in the $40 pmh range when we get going this summer.
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