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Originally Posted by TuffTurfLawnCare View Post
So your working for damn near free, driving down the rates for the local area, giving people an unrealistic expectation of what service should cost and its a win win? You have another income supporting your hobby, and thats great for you. But if you were doing this as your only source of income to pay your mortgage and supporf your family, on a $5 cut, you'd be homeless. $5 cuts dont cover my expenses and im part time.

Your a lowballer. You are hurting the market your in and making more difficult for the guys that do this for a living because "its fun" and you dont need the money. Youd better off doing them for free to low income or unemployed folks, at least it would be less damaging to the market and real businesses that support multiple families.
I'm earning money and building a client list for the future, while doing strategic upsells. I don't have all the nice and expensive equipment as others and therefore can cut costs. Heck, I don't even burn a gallon of fuel @ $3.31 per day.

Low balling? I doubt that. If a lawn company's business strategy hinges on driving the costs up, then you already failed. This is America where everyone is going to find a cheaper way to do a better job. It's capitalism and competition. I'm sure Kmart said the same things as you when Walmart moved to town. Speaking of Walmart, shopping there sends work overseas instead of keeping jobs here in the US of A for people needing to pay their mortgage and support their families... I don't see you complaining about that.

Bottom line, if someone cheaper is going to put you out of business, then you already failed. In this economy people need to find a business plan that helps cut costs so you can pass that savings down to your customers.

That said, I also under bid on my "computer geek" business to get more clients. I'm not looking to price gouge people. If I can do the same work better for 1/2 the price, I'm going to do it.
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