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With the loss of MSMA, my first attack on grassy weeds includes Revolver. Most grassy weeds save for lovegrass and Chloris are affected by it. In my area, Simazine is more of a post emergent. Many years ago, before Revolver, it was part of a goosegrass and smutgrass tank mix. Grassy weeds were not as much of an issue back then because only bermuda or zoysia would survive that tank mix. Before you get scared off by the price of Revolver consider that effective rates are 16-20 oz per acre. It is not how much you apply so much as how it is applied. If I cannot get a weed with a 20 oz per acre application, it does not make sense to double down and apply 2 oz per gallon and a gallon of spray per 250-125 sq ft. Might as well just open the cap and pour a little on each weed at that rate.
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