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Originally Posted by wilsonsground View Post
grab it by the handful and throw it...its all in the flick of your risk. like shooting a basketball. and then back of a leaf rake to fluff it and smooth it out. We dont dump by the wheel waste sooooo much mulch that way. where you dumped it will always been thicker. Much faster than pitch forking areas and coming back to rake it or push it around with your hands. but there will be those beds that you cant throw it out.
I can dump the load and spread it in less than a minute from dump time. You cant throw it that fast. THe only time I throw it is when there are dense flowers and no room to dump the wheelbarrow.

I also wanted to mention to buy a manure shovel - almost like a snow shovel. you can pick up a whole cubic foot of mulch at once and load it and its by far the fastest way to load the wheelbarrow.
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