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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Can someone post pics of the GL Spray Bar mounted to a PG Mag?
People keep telling me they will e-mail me pics, or post here, but so far nothing.....

Also, not sure how GL units could be unreliable? It is my understanding that they are a better built Permagreen. And I have had very few issues with my PG other than replacing a couple cables. I guess I would not hesitate to buy a GL. (Didn't end up getting a new ride on this season as my Magnum did not sell on time)

You keep regurgitating that same nonsense. Other than a few minor details both are basically the same thing. The major components are exactly the same. I could care less about one being better than the other, but I get tired of the misinformation that gets thrown around here. If one of the big guys on here buys some.....then they are the best.

Can you think on your own?

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