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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
With that mower, you have a Kohler EFI option, with the 52" deck and that's what I'd go with. With the 61", I'd definitely take more HP. I wouldn't want any less than what my Kohler EFI puts out, on a ~60" deck.
That is a complete no brainer, and you are absolutely correct, he should go with the Kohler 26 EFI...once he does there will be many times he will smile while running the EFI and wonder why carburetored engines are still being used on mowers.

Once you own and operate a mower with a Kohler EFI system, it's as if someone flipped a switch and you move from dark into the light.

I take it this is your first closed-loop fuel injected mower, and if that is correct you still can't understand how fuel injection can make such an unbelievable difference. Have you noticed how the faster response to load time actually makes the mower feel as if it has more than the stamped 26 hp?

Actually you could use a little more hp on a 60" deck, but this engine would be perfect on a 52.
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