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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
I disagree. Storm water Swales tend to always hold water no matter how they are sloped. The retaining wall separates the grass from the rocks.

Trying to maintain a swale with rap rap and no border sucks. The edges are always jagged and ugly. Swale has to be round up'd a few times a year just to make it presentable
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Exactly dude. So this is nothing more than unnecessary spending of money for te sake of mowing grass.


We've mowed enough HOA's and condo associations. Spray a nice clean line if Round Up along the rip rap. Done.

Wood rots. $15k this year. Then wood rots, and another $22k 12 years from now. Then that wood rots, and another $32k 13 years from that. It's a never ending cycle. The wood is not needed and its not practical. And Wiffy, you're not thinking sensibly!!

Swales properly graded do not "hold water".
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