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I mentioned this before during a web broadcast, but figured I'd put it here too as now its an issue. I use stripe to accept payments via email billing. If I send an invoice to a customer and they don't pay it right away, some take a week to pay which is OK, and I show up again to cut and send them an invoice for the next cut, the customer has to make two seperate payment. One for each invoice. The customer pays one invoice then I have to go back and explain that they need to make another payment for the other invoice. This is negating the purpose of the email billing as I have to track down the customer and go over their account with them and show that they still have an existing balance from an I voice that wasn't paid.

Please find a way for the customer to see the total account balance, and make a payment for more than one invoice at a time. For instance, a customer clicks on the payment link, and they see the amount.due for the current invoice, and the amount due for total account balance and let the customer make a single payment for the entire account balance.

Chasing customers and explaing why they still owe for a cut when just paid me is a colossal waste of time. Please move this up on the priority list.
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