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Originally Posted by baileylawnservice View Post
Is it breaking mowing or on your trailer?
I don't get that type of feedback but worth looking at.

Originally Posted by herler View Post
Depending on the age of the machine there's likely only but so much you can do...
It's probably just worn to that point, only thing I can think of is replacing parts 22 and 23 as well, but that may not do much.
Unit is in third year with 1200 hours....that yoke is $175

Originally Posted by herler View Post
Another idea might be to weld the parts (23, 24, and 25) together, I might also suggest finding a piece of steel to weld to that assembly as reinforcement, likely this would run you just over $100 in parts and welding costs.
I think that just might work I don't know why it needs to be adjustable.

Originally Posted by Breezmister View Post
That end is to light, it's only a 1/2 inch diameter. Exmark uses a 5/8 end on their riders....Call Scag and see if they make a beefier push arm assy. that would just mount up.

Other wise, it's drilling and taping to go bigger, or slow down over rough ground....
Another good idea using beefy part. I don't know how to go about calling Scag?
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