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Originally Posted by zach2448 View Post
Im about to do some retaining wall work for a home organization. The ditch is 300 feet long exactly and has about 2 to 3 feet high walls and 2 sides. So total wall area is 1200 sq feet give or take. What i plan to do is remove all the ties dig in a little and set a 6 inch gravel base. Ill put up the new 6x6x8 ties with deadmans and lay down fabric behind the wall with 4 in perforated pipe and fill in the back with gravel. The ditch itself need to be shaped up a bit and there is a flower bed that is collapsing in the ditch. I quote by a guy was 30000 and another was 20000. I figured my costs to be this:
200 ties: $3500
Gravel #57: A lot of yards. Need some feed back on how much.
Pipe and Fabric: $500
Labor: 100 hours?

$18000 quote

I have done ties before and they are easy to work with for me but not on this scale. I think 18000 is a solid quote i have to factor in equipment and gas but what do you think?
How much you pricing per hour? Missed your gravel cost...
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