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Originally Posted by Kleen Kutz View Post
Well fellas, as of Monday I be running a crew of 4 men. That's myself and 3 of my workers of course. My man goal for that is to set myself up from working in my business and to work on my business. I'll run with them for at least 3 weeks to a month. I'm going to make sure they know the route inside out, front to back and side to side.

Yes, some days I'll be back on the truck for the heaviest days and the lighter days I'll be out marketing my business. There's several places I'm focus on getting.

My question to you guys is "What's the most effective way to get in and out a yard with 4 guys. My max time should be 10 minutes depending on size of yard? Now I have 2 on trimmers/edger and I'm on the ztr.

Also, it'll allow me to back up the crew at the same time and do landscaping as well. I've been pretty busy with that and I don't see it slowing down. Things is only getting better by the day.

So guys thanks for your advise in advance!

I'm halfway at my goal for 2014 season!!!
Congrats on having a good season, I never liked having a 4 man mowing crew in 1 truck, way to much downtime especially for small yards, but like you said it's just for 3 weeks to get your guys trained. I found it good this year 2 trucks 2 guys on each truck get's alot of work done, or if you only have 1 mowing truck 3 guys max i think works best. But it depends on how big your yards are also. Good luck again sounds like your doing good!
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