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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I run into situations like this a lot. The customer doesnít tell me that he wants to put seed down, then he gets upset when the PRE that I used kept the seed from coming up. For the last 10 years or so, Iíve been reminding each and every customer before the first treatment of the year to tell me if they intend on seeding in the spring.

If they tell me they want to plant seed in the spring, we simply skip the PRE and everybodyís happy. But, there are the times when customers donít tell me they want to seed before the first app foes down. Most of the time, they donít think about seeding until this time of year, after the first PRE has gone down. But, we make very clear to each customer that seeding after the PRE wonít work.

So, was it TGís fault? That depends Ė did you tell them you were going to be seeding? If not, then this oneís on you. If you told them not to apply any PREs because you were going to be seeding, then itís their fault.

How do you fix it? You can try the charcoal, but itís really messy. Or, you can wait until the fall and be sure you tell them what youíre wanting to do. Like I tell my customers, if you donít tell me what you want, I wonít know.
Hit nail on head with this post. I also have issues with people asking me about seeding their lawn AFTER I have spread pre down. They have said nothing of the sorts prior to my application. Then to see the look in their eyes when I tell them they have to wait until late summer at the earliest to try and seed.
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