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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
I took a job today I should of passed on - it's 1.75 acres I bid it $175 per cut. She said the last guys used zero turns and where there for 1 hour. Unfortunately I have a 36" Walk behind so I guess I'm going to be there for 3 hours....

I really thought the customer was going to tell me no way, but she said I come highly recommended so go figure... looks like I need to start shopping around for a more productive machine, finally outgrowing my 36! I don't think I'm going to buy a zero turn - because 90% of my lawns are still under 1/4 acre. Possibly a 48" Hydro walk behind would be a good fit? What do you guys think? How much more productive is a 48" Hydro over a 36" belt? I don't care about comfort - I'm going to be the only one operating it.

This makes property #4 that is over 1 acre - so I think it's time...

Also I need something I can pay cash for - not doing loans no matter how good the program. Want the machine to pay for itself this year - not 4 years from now. Any recommendations?
Hydro over belt drive will save you time and effort, go with a 52" and you'll really save time.
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